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Mission Impossible

Who is this God who goes around doing the IMPOSSIBLE!?! How can this be that our Creator – ‘The Source of all Love’ brings the fullness of life out of what is dead.

First – In Ezekiel dead bones come back to life! “Our bones are dried up – our hope is lost – we are completely cut off.”

Then in the Psalms we meet someone who is stuck in the depths and who reports to us that things are so amiss – so messed up that their body can’t even stand up – life is gone. They, like us, are unable to free themselves and the state of things going on around them.

In Romans we are reminded that we are powerless in our “flesh” – in our human nature alone, our bodies are dead because of sin – we are powerless to give ourselves life and peace apart from the Spirit of Christ’s righteousness dwelling within us.

And then in the Gospel of John we encounter the grand finale – a man dead for 3-days. “If only you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

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