Spiritual Direction
Companionship for your spiritual journey

Spiritual direction or companionship is an ongoing relationship in which a person desirous of being attentive to their spiritual journey regularly meets with a spiritual director (usually once a month) for the purpose of becoming more attuned to the presence of God’s spirit in all of life. It is a listening time to explore what matters to us, our joys, struggles, hurts, hopes, fears, and dreams. It is a time to consider our relationship with God, ourselves, and others.

The results of such conversations are tremendous. With the help of one of our spiritual directors (also known as spiritual companions), Nancy den Boesterd and Sharon Tiessen, you will become more conscious of how truly active God is in your life and how you might be invited to consent with God’s gift of grace. 

For team bios and additional information, please view or download our brochure below, or you can contact Rev. Lorie Martin: lorie@loriemartin.com | 604-217-6966